Cranbrook Rotary Community Impact

  • Cranbrook Rotary Club efforts to improve our community can easily be seen in the many projects around our community: Rotary Park, Rotary Way, Idlewild Park, Scott Villa.

  • But our impact on our home town is also seen in the families that received some of our grocery vouchers that we donated through our great partner, the Salvation Army.

  • Our impact is seen in the scholarships given to hard-working students at our local schools and College of the Rockies.

  • We donate to good causes like the EK Regional Hospital Foundation, the Pickel Ball group, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and Minor Hockey. Our reach into our community is deep and meaningful. Donating to these dozens of groups through our Donations Committee led by John Porter is one of the actions we are proudest of.


So whether you want pound nails at the Villa, help build a trail, organize fund raisers for local charities – you can be part of this community action. Go to our Membership Page to join us!

And if you can’t join us, please consider a donation: Click Here to Donate

 Click HERE to watch more project videos like the one below

Rotary & JCI Ridge Trail Project Video