World Polio day (Oct 24) saw us at the Recplex with the Iron Lung, and the Sunrise club to raise polio awareness, and  in conjunction with this our club donated $2400.00 to Polio Plus as we added $1  for each person in attendance at the game. 

There are two ongoing projects in Honduras that David Morley is looking after for us. Both are Market children related. $2000.00 is currently allocated for these. He is going on a trip to Honduras in January to check on the progress ( and practice his excellent Spanish skills) of the projects. These are projects that are quite broad in scope as we are working with other clubs here and there to help educate these young people.

Walter Gramm
Scott Villa Committee
The committee took a break over the summer and is currently regrouping.
In the meantime the management of the Villa continued with Spencer Majkowski in the position of caretaker manager and Mary Burk dealing with tenant issues, conflicts and turnover.
A contract was developed for Spencer Majkowski as Caretaker Manager of the Scott Villa.
The new boiler installation is completed and is working well.  We were waiting  for a final invoice from M&K plumbing and heating to go to Columbia Basin Trust for payment but that has now  happened and we are currently waiting for CBT to send a cheque for the remainder of what CBT will cover. M&k and CBT made this process as simple as possible. M&K invoiced the club and waited for the CBT cheque.
After the boiler is paid in full we can apply for a Fortis rebate for installing a more energy efficient boiler. M&K will draft this application on our behalf.  The old water heater can be sold.
In the physical assessment that was carried out by John Armstrong on the villa earlier in the year  a number of key areas requiring remedial works were identified. These included the  sidewalks, drainage, roofs  and fascia for all 3 buildings. Further to this assessment and given the condition of the sidewalks around the middle building, John Armstrong in consultation with the committee has produced a sketch and made recommendations for new sidewalks and drainage for this building. It is also intended to review the roof replacement and fascia for this building.
It is also intended to determine the availability of funding and grants for such a project.
It is hoped to bring a new project proposal to the club in the near future.
There was some feedback from club members regarding the Villa presentation.  
It is intended to resend this, provide updated information based on feedback from members and to hold a Q and A session on a date to be agreed on with the board.
Mary Burk
There is a lot of information going onto our Facebook page.  For those with Facebook accounts, please 'share' our announcements and images.  Also send your Rotary photos to Paul or Louise to upload onto Facebook.
Changes are coming to Rotary Park and to Idlewild Park - stay tuned.  
All scholarships have been paid out this year.  
Paul Heywood
Membership    Report      
 We    will    be    welcoming    two    new    members    into    our    club!    Ward    Morton    will    be    joining    us    next    week    with    Ron    Popoff    as    his    mentor.    The    other    new    member    will    be    a    corporate    membership.  

.Please    remember    you    can  bring    a    potential    guest    to    one    lunch    meeting    on    the    club.        If    the    person    is    interested    in    learning    more    about    Rotary    with    thoughts    of    becoming    a    member    you    are    asked    to    fill    out    a    proposal    form    and    give    it    to    me.        I    will    then    interview    the    person    and    present    their    name    and    information    to    the    board.        If    accepted    the    secretary    will    send    out    an    email    to    all    members    with    the    opportunity    to    question    the    membership    if    they    wish.        This    notice    is    out    for    two    weeks    and    if    there    are    no    objections    the    ‘new    member’    will    be    invited    to    attend    the    next    lunch    meeting.        This    is    where    the    warm    Rotary    welcome    takes    place!        Ron    Popoff    will    induct    the    member    soon    after    they    start    attending.        Carla    Nelson    will    send    out    Rotary    informational    emails    weekly    to    help    the    new    members    learn    more    about    Rotary,    locally    and    internationally.    Let’s    all    work    together    are    building    a    strong    club.    
Rotary    Fellowship    Thanks    to    Carla    Nelson    for    setting    up    and    reminding    us    about    Rotary    on    the    Rocks.        We    can    certainly    invite    family    to    these    evenings    and    we    shouldn’t    forget    that    our    fellow    Rotarians    from    the    Sunrise    Club    are    welcome    to    attend    as    well.    Thanks    to    Judy    Wiwchar
    for    heading    up    another    successful    Golf    event    this    year.     We    look    forward    to    re-gifting    some    of    the    fabulous    treasures    that    we    have    kept    in    various    places    like    the    basement,    the    crawl    space    or    the    attic.        We    will    have    the    opportunity    to    pass    these    precious    finds    on    to    some    lucky    member    in    December.    Our    next    event    coming    up    is    the    annual    Winter    Party,    affectionately    dubbed    the    “UnChristmas”    party.        This    will    happen    at    the    Colombo    Lodge    on    Saturday,    January    19,    2019.        Stay    tuned    for    more    information    on    this    always    entertaining    party.    I    would    be    interested    in    finding    a    member    who    would    like    to    take    on    a    spring    social    event.        If    you    are    interested    please    talk    to    me.        In    the    past    we    have    had    fun    bowling    in    the    fall    but    that    could    also    happen    in    the    spring.    Thanks    for    inviting    and    welcoming    new    members    and    for    supporting    social    events    in    Rotary.    
Sandy   Zeznik 

Shelly is enjoying her time here. Our outbound students are both doing well.  Ellen Nickell is enjoying her time in Belgium and Dawson Downie is having a great time in New Zealand. We hosted the students from Castlegar and Nakusp this past weekend. We did pumpkin carving, a spaghetti dinner and out to Fort Steele for Spooktakular.  
All the inbound students in the district will be heading to Nakusp for the Remembrance Day long weekend. Big thanks to Dave Morley for driving the students from Cranbrook there and back.
We have successfully recruited Jordan Adams as our outbound student for August 2019. Jordan is the son of David and Delene Adams and grandson of Brian Adams, a fellow Rotarian who recently passed away. 
Nancy Roberts


Trails and Parks
The park committee hasn’t been very busy, however a bike ride of the Rotary Way took place and John Armstrong and Jody are working on information to take to the committee of 6 - signs located in Cranbrook of the Bike trails, some receptacles and benches for Rotary Way and a plan for 2019 for repair of a retaining wall on Victoria portion of Rotary Way.  John is also in contact with a local Trail Alliance group looking to develop an integrated Trail network map.
Dictionary Project
Walter has all the names and lists of the students (approximately 260 students , French and English). We will have a work bee Friday to put the labels in the Dictionaries as soon as possible and then start the delivery process next 2 weeks. Walter is recruiting people to help.
Major Projects
The project committee has looked at a Zip line for Idlewild Rotary Playground, and will be presenting the board with a request for $35,000.  The project being proposed is for the Spring of 2019 and Joe McGowan has volunteered to lead the installation of the project “hands on” portion to put up the ZIP line together and up, if approved by the club and members.
Jody Burk
Club Account
Bank Balance: $46,756.00
Special Project Account Balance- cash : $10,007.00
Special Projects Investment: $49,000.00
Per the Boards authorization a Community Bond was purchased for $49,000.00. It is a non redeemable for 90 days, 1 year term @ 1% interest. Leaving approximately $10,000.00 in the account for liquidity purposes.
The Credit Union also reversed service charges that had been collected, restoring our balance to the original $59,000.00.
Gaming Account
Ice 50/50
 Balance: $47,548.00
This balance includes non-dispersed funds Ice 50/50 2017/18 and 2018/19 season. Carol and I are discussing splitting the accounting of the 2 ICE seasons to help ensure we meet 12 month disposition gaming guidelines. $20,000.00 has been earmarked for the Villa, however a letter of understanding is required from the Project committee to Gaming prior to that transfer taking place. We now have about 5 months to get the approval and make the transfer.
Community Grant
Bank Balance: $6203.00
This is the balance remaining of the $14,000.00 Grant received January 2018
Scott Villa
Bank Balance: $40,952.00
Reserve account: 13,354.00
We have received a second billing from M&K Plumbing and Heating for $43,407.00. Spencer has advised he has forwarded that to CBT, as they will pay a portion upfront prior to our Society paying the remainder. A rebate request will be sent to Fortis. We are hoping that will be about $13-$16,000.00, which should just about make up the difference.
Mary Ann Jenkins
Sandy Z has been very busy with interviews!!
Ward Morton is the District Sales Rep for Gordon Food Service.  He can be reached at 250-464-0706 or
Deb Preston is a corporate membership.  She works with R.E.A.L.M.
Dustin Lynes is new to us, but not new to Rotary.  He is transferring from the Rotary e-club of Steinbach.  Dustin works with our local Toyota dealership.
He can be reached at or 204-381-09026.

Seniors Christmas Dinner is November 28th.  I'm sure we will see sign up sheets going around soon.  

Bart Anderson has been on leave for a while but we hope to see him back soon.
Judy Wiwchar, Lorne Archibald, and Fred Hoechsmann have flown (or driven) south for the winter.  See you all in the Spring and enjoy the sunshine for us.
Kim Shatford is on leave for the month of November. 
And finally, Gina Newmann should be back any time from her education leave.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.